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We Help you Look and Feel Your Best

Precision Wellness of Rancho Mirage is a bespoke practitioner of Functional Medicine, creating wellness plans crafted specifically tailored to your unique medical and health requirements.

To help you LOOK YOUR BEST, state-of-the-art non-invasive aesthetic treatments including a complete suite of body sculpting and face rejuvenation technologies are offered along with laser, Botox and filler treatments, plus camouflage tattoo treatments of pre-existing scars and skin pigmentation.

To assist you with your goal to FEEL YOUR BEST, we provide non-invasive, best-in-field pain elimination solutions to assist with both chronic pain and injuries. Also provided are specialized functional wellness technologies which are clinically documented to improve sexual wellness and incontinence in both men & women.

EMSELLA is a groundbreaking solution for urinary incontinence, leveraging HIFEM technology to strengthen pelvic floor muscles effectively. Its non-invasive approach addresses both stress and urge i...

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